Collective Prayer I

This sketch generates a unique image based on user input and the time. This image is used to "Blockchain" your prayer, or at least generate a specific ID for it. Once you have filled out this form you will be prompted to download an image, this image is your "receipt" and can be used to retrieve your prayer at any time by emailing your image here.

Mobile users can start the animation by clicking on the text box below.

This prayer will be stored on a database, by pressing submit you consent to the use of this prayer as data for a text GAN. Your name will remain anonymous, and is only used to help identify you for prayer retrieval.

Once we have recieved 1000 prayers we will feed your prayers to a machine learning algorithm and use them to generate new prayers. The hope is that we will be able to generate something hopeful and meaningful together. The new prayers a fragment of each of us - yet compleltely severed from any one ego.